Aegean Agency

Aegean Translation & Publishing Agency was founded by Osman Akinhay on November, 1, 2017 at Brighton, United Kingdom and now provides service three main areas: translation, publishing consultancy and second-hand book selling in London.

In the field of translation, Mr. Akinhay has a vast experience with over 130 titles and dozens of articles, essays, etc. since 1986. Some of the people he has translated books of are great writers like Virginia Woolf, Edward Said, Eric J. Hobsbawm, Susan Sontag, John Berger, Arundhati Roy and Tariq Ali. His translation service will also cover variety of areas ranging from academic texts to trade and legal agreements.

Mr. Akinhay is also known to be a publisher, editor, novelist and an author. For the past twenty years, he has taken part in the preparation and production of hundred of books as the chief editor of three publishing companies, one of which is currently owned him. Having worked in the industry for around twenty years as chief editor and director, he has abilities to predict the kind of work that will be successful, from literature to self-help books or from corporate world to academic books.

Aegean Agency also started selling secondhand books on the internet after 2018. With its extensive list of mostly unique and rarely found books, it operates successfully on Abebooks, Ebay and Amazon Europe.

Osman Akinhay was born on July 17, 1960 in Izmir (Smyrna), Turkey. After completing his primary and secondary education in different towns of Izmir, he was admitted to the Political Sciences Faculty of the University of Ankara in 1976. He has been working as a high-grade freelance translator and editor of Turkish publishing houses since 1986. 

His professional experience: 1986-1992, freelance translator; 1993-1995, Aegean Publishing and Smyrna Books, founder; 1996-1999, Sistem Publishing, editor in chief; 2000-2003, Everest Publications, editor in chief; 2003-2017, Agora Books, founder and editor in chief.